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Social Media Channels
- 2/16/2015
Social networking sites have recently become one of the most popular and effective communication tools; where it has a pervasive presence in our lives, especially with the increased usage of smart phones.

The benefits of Social Media Channels
These sites have become the platform that gave everyone a voice, allowing them to exchange news, ideas and opinions with ease and speed. It’s role is not only limited to the social aspect, but it extends to the business and professional aspect, providing companies the opportunity to enhance their internal and external communication with stakeholders, through updating them on its activities and programs, and responding to their feedback and comments creating a two-way interaction platform.

Employment Solutions
Many companies are using social networks to discover, screen and recruit job seekers, as it significantly contributes in the acquisition of the best talents in the labor market.

ADGAS launches new communication channels
Throughout the year, ADGAS organizes a range of programs, workshops, and events that serve its HSE initiatives and operations. To reach these programs to a wider spectrum of the community, ADGAS launches new social media channels on "Instagram" and "LinkedIn", on February 16, 2015.