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​​​​​Our Clients


ADGAS main client is Tokyo Electrical Power Company (TEPCO)" "JERA Co., Inc. is a recently formed joint venture between two of Japan's largest power utility companies --Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)", with which we signed a 20-year sale agreement in 1972, which was further extended for another 25 years starting from 1994. TEPCO buys the vast volume of our LNG production for the sole purpose of electrical power generation for Tokyo’s grid. Other products are sold in the open market.

Over the years, ADGAS has maintained an excellent business relationship with its main client, built on trust, cooperation and mutual understanding. This relationship has been instrumental in the wider context of the relationships not only between the energy sectors in both countries, but also between Japan and the UAE as well.

To help maintain a smooth business relationship, ADGAS has established and manned the Tokyo Liaison Office, which works closely with our partners to ensure the timely delivery of shipments and other related issues.  

Other than TEPCO, ADGAS has sold its products to various clients in Asia, Europe and North America.
With the advent of the OAG and IGD projects, ADGAS started to have a new major client, which Abu Dhabi’s and the UAE’s market; thus validating its new vision which aspired to contribute to the national energy strategy. The IGD project will enable ADGAS to process 1 billion standards cubic feet of gas totally for the local market.