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​​​​​Das Island

The Heart of ADGAS


Das Island is a unique site with a long history in the Oil & Gas industry. Its connection with  oil and gas began in 1953, when the first oil exploration expeditions were carried out in Abu Dhabi's territorial waters. Since then, it has developed into a key strategic hub for Abu Dhabi's oil and gas industry.


Measuring only 4.8 km2, Das Island is small in size but it plays a major role in the region’s Oil & Gas industry. It is the operational heart of ADGAS’ business, a source of great pride for everyone  at ADGAS, and the home away from home to over 3,000 staff members of ADGAS, other Group companies, and contractors. The rectangular island lies just 160 km from the Abu Dhabi coastline, surrounded by the offshore oilfields that it serves. 
















In 1954, Das Island was selected as the most suitable base for offshore oil operations by ADMA-OPCO. When oil production started at the Umm Shaif oilfield in 1962, Das Island  was used as a land base, storage facility, and launch site of ADMA-OPCO's first oil consignment. Due to its strategic location and first-rate facilities, it remains the main oil storage site for the area to this day. ​

When ADGAS was established in 1973, Das Island was the natural choice for the region’s first LNG plant. A​s  ADGAS developed and quickly became the leading LNG producer in the region, the island found itself at the center of a lucrative new revenue stream for the ADNOC Group. Das Island has continued to develop over the years and it now accommodates the industrial operations of both ADGAS and ADMA-OPCO.
As it is home to thousands of ADGAS and ADMA-OPCO employees year-round,comfort and well-being of resident employees on the island is of paramount importance.  ADGAS ensures  that all   necessary services and facilities are freely available to its staff members, who work in  shifts to keep operations running smoothly and safely around the clock.
The Island is home to more than fifteen different social, sports and recreational clubs that cater to every imaginable hobby. The island also boasts several shops and restaurants, in addition to convenient medical and administrative services, all designed to promote comfort and well-being for the island’s residents.​