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Training & Development

ADGAS employees benefit from an extensive training and capacity-building strategy that starts from the employee’s first days in the company until retirement. ADGAS conducts a wide range of training courses based on the training requirements and development plans for soft skills such as power reading, report writing, etc. Round-the-year courses are also given in various disciplines, including technical issues, management development, IT and vendor-specific courses. For retiring staff, ADGAS conducts retirement planning courses to help retirees plan their future and cope with its challenges.
The outcome of this extensive training of employees is continually evaluated through ADGAS Appraisal System; a vigorous and successful process that ensures every employee receives a fair and accurate appraisal of his or her annual performance and can be rewarded accordingly.


In 2011, the performance of 100% of ADGAS employees was formally reviewed and appraised. The competency-based appraisal system provides a framework for managers to monitor and improve performance of their staff to reach optimum results.
To complete the mission of this system, ADGAS has put in place an effective Management Succession Planning (MSP) scheme to assess and evaluate the career path of employees at senior levels while defining the best-fit capabilities to suit the company. This scheme proved to be an effective tool for preparing young leaders for future posts and leadership roles within the Company.