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Employee Benefits

ADGAS believes that its dedicated workforce is its real asset. Therefore, the Company provides its employees with competitive, tax-free salaries, coupled with a wide range of assorted benefits according to its “Personnel Policy” and ADNOC Group Policy. 
The benefits are regularly reviewed for enhancement through the Company’s internal forum known as “Feel Good Factor”.​


Pursuant to the Feel Good Factor objectives, the Company also recognizes the efforts and achievements of its distinguished employees, presents Long Service Awards, gives away prizes to employees who actively contribute to safety and the environment and organizes farewell parties for those who retire or leave the Company. In times of hardship, illness or death, ADGAS shares its employees’ concerns and stands by them.​
According to ADGAS “Personnel Policy”, the Company provides insurance coverage for all its employees against industrial and non-industrial sickness under ADNOC Group Life, Accident, Illness and Medical Expenses Insurance Scheme.  It also provides competent and adequate primary health care free of charge to all Das-basedemployees and to all Abu Dhabi-based employees and their wives and eligible dependents.​The following are only examples of the benefits provided to ADGAS employees:
Accommodation Education Assistance
Accommodation The Company provides accommodation for all Das-based employees on site. It provides same for its Abu Dhabi-based and Das-based UAE National employees in grades 7 and above.​
Education Assistance ​For Employee’s eligible children according to policy provisions.​
Statutory benefits Provides for  All  employees’ such as Statutory allowances, Social and Children allowances, Pension Scheme. ​
Site Allowances ​It provides Remote Area Allowance, Shift Allowance, and Site Manager Allowance.
Air Ticket ​All ADGAS and Das-based expatriate employees are provided with air tickets where applicable, their dependents to their destination. UAE National employees receive annual vacation allowances instead of tickets