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07 September 1971:
The Gas Liquefaction Project agreement Signed​

14 December 1972
The 20 year sale agreement with TEPCO signed  "JERA Co., Inc. is a recently formed joint venture between two of Japan's largest power utility companies --Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)"​.
23 March 1973
Contract for the Construction of ADGAS plant on Das Island signed

04 December 1973
The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan lays the plant’s foundation stone

25 December 1975:
ADNOC’s shareholding increased to 51%
29 April 1977:
First LNG shipment loaded
04 October 1977:
The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan officially inaugurates the plant
15 October 1990:
A new 25 year agreement by which TEPCO buys ADGAS doubled LNG production as from 1994
June 1993:
First sulphur shipment exported
July 1994:
Production started from the 3rd LNG train
January 1995:
ADGAS first LNG shipment to Europe exported
24 June 1997:
ADNOC’s shareholding increased to 70%
22 June 1999:
First direct shipment of sulphur from ADGAS plant to customers 
13 April 2002:
ADGAS new logo launched on the 25th anniversary of the 1st LNG shipment
29 June 2004:
ADGAS gets ISO:14001 certification for its environment management system
29 April 2007:
ADGAS celebrates the 30th anniversary of the 1st LNG shipment to TEPCO
7 August 2007:
30 million man-hours worked without lost time Injuries (LTI)
8 November 2007:
Signing a contract for the construction of the facilities of Offshore Associated Gas (OAG) Project
31 December 2008:
Achieving a record total annual production of 8,519 million tons
22 April 2009:
ADGAS receives Dubai Quality Award - 2008

January 2010:
ADGAS Re-certification for the ISO:14001

October 2010:
Commissioning of OAG Train 1 start-up

25 October 2010:
ADGAS Celebrates 20 Million LTI-free man-hour​
December 2010:
Commercial production of the Offshore Associated Gas (OAG)
April 2011: 
Inauguration of ADGAS/ ADMA OPCO new training center in Das Island
June 2011:
Implementation of the flare handling and reduction scheme to bring down ADGAS flaring 
26 August 2012:
40 million man-hours worked without lost time Injuries (LTI)
24 September 2012:
ADGAS receives Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award -Gold Category- for the oil and gas sector
11 June 2013:
ADGAS package of the IGD Project commissioned on Das Island
14 August 2013:
ADGAS achieves 55 million man-hours without loss time Injury (LTI) 
July 2014:
65 million man-hours worked without lost time Injuries (LTI)


ADGAS receives ADNOC HSE Award 2013​


ADGAS golden winner of SAP Quality Award 2013

1 February 2015:
70 million man-hours worked without lost time Injuries (LTI)
 26 February 2015: 
 ADGAS gets ISO: 50001:2011 certification for its  Energy Management System
  12 March 2015:
  Signing Integrated Gas Development Expansion Project (Phase 1)
  6 April 2015:
  ADGAS receives Information Security Management System “ISO 27001” Accreditation

 April 2015:
 ADGAS receives ADNOC HSE Award 2014

​​​20 February 2017:

 ADGAS achieves 15 million man-hours without loss time injury (LTI)

28 February 2017:

ADGAS attains ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Quality Management System