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Adventure Group

Baynounah’s Adventure Group strives to provide ADGAS’ staff with several adrenaline-boosting adventures, where employees challenge themselves and learn from their experience. Beside the excitement, such adventures provide employees with limitless opportunities and benefits in terms of physical fitness, improved problem solving, increased health, positive thinking and enhanced self-esteem.

The Group organizes a number of programs of sporting and ecological importance such as mountain climbing, trekking/hiking, skiing, hot air ballooning, paragliding, African safaris, canoeing sailing, rafting, rowing, mountain biking, etc.

The Children Activities

The Children Activities function designs and supervises a range of various functions that educate, inspire, empower and entertain employees’ children and youngsters within an inclusive and enjoyable environment; fully endorsing the “Every Child Matters” agenda.

The Committee’s year-round program includes creative arts workshops, language courses, music classes, sport activities and outings. Besides being great fun, educational workshops and after school activities can provide a fantastic medium through which to propagate certain ideals, act as a vehicle for self-expression, and help to raise confidence and self-esteem. 
In the summer season, such activities intensify to keep children and youngsters busy during their vacation and capitalize on their free time. 

Social and Cultural Activities

A year-round series of social and cultural activities are organized for ADGAS employees and their families to promote cultural awareness and diversity and to encourage social interaction sharing within ADGAS and with the outside community. 
Such activities include lectures, awareness sessions, health and nutrition presentations, language courses, arts and crafts workshops, social get-togethers, field trips and site tours to cultural and traditional festivals, social getaways, etc.